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I have been privileged to spend most of my life with one or more animals. Although the first 30 years of my working life were in social work, I spent every spare moment studying and searching for THE thing that would give me the close connection with animals that I craved. This journey took me through the practical route of animal care, training and behaviour management, but I was aware that there was still something missing. As I searched for that all important missing part, I was drawn towards a much more holistic approach to animal care.

Gradually I came to understand the true nature of animals' spirituality and their purpose in our lives. I first became aware of the reality of Telepathic Animal Communication in the summer of 1996, when my horse Max "spoke to me" about his need for help with passing over. Max was only 14 years old, but was suffering from bad arthritis which had been made much worse by a recent injury. I had just turned Max out in the field for the night, and as I was closing the gate, I felt his presence behind me. He put his head on my shoulder and I could feel him breathing in my ear. As I was registering how unusual this was, (because, normally nothing came between Max and his grass!!!), I heard the words in my head "Sort me out." I immediately knew what this meant, and I promised him that I would. A few days later he was put to sleep by the vet.


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Sue, Sally & Tilly A

I had no doubts that the communication had come from Max. Even though part of me was blown away by this thought, once I accepted it, there was another part of me that had always known it was possible for animals to communicate with humans in this way.

Although I had this experience, I thought the rest of the world would think I was crazy. I did no more about it until I met Elaine in 2004, who was promoting a Telepathic Animal Communication Workshop. By then I had acquired two rescue terriers called Sally and Tilly, who turned out to be my master teachers. They had a host of physical and emotional problems which had driven me into frantic study of energy therapies and training/behavioural work.

Sue, Sally & Tilly

I attended the Animal Communication Workshop and realized that this was 'IT' - the part that had been missing. Since then, Animal Communication has been the cornerstone of my work with animals, and has given me a relationship with my own dogs that I could only dream of before.

I joined Elaine at "Animal Matters" in 2005, and since then all our dogs have continued to push us forward and teach us lessons - sometimes very hard lessons - to develop our understanding of just how deep the relationship with our animals can be. This in turn allows us to help other people explore the depth of the relationship that they can have with their animals too.

Along the way on this amazing journey, I have acquired the following qualifications: -

  • Reiki Master
  • Advanced Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies
  • Diploma in Flower Essences for Animals
  • Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (00717)
  • Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
  • I also hold the British Horse Society, Stage III Certificate in Horse Knowledge and Care

I have spent the majority of my career working within various areas of law, but have always had a close affinity with animals and been aware of their spirituality. As a result of this, once I had experienced animal communication with one of my own dogs, I knew I had found my true path. I became interested in human spirituality about 22 years ago and was happily exploring this concept.

As the years progressed my interest grew. I started to attend Spiritualist churches, and joined a development circle.

In 2000 I bought an adorable little black Shih Tzu puppy who I called Benson. A year later he started to show fear of other dogs, strangers and generally everything outside. Firstly I went down the conventional route and consulted a dog behaviourist. Benson's behaviour improved for a week then got worse than before.

I was watching a TV programme one day when I saw an American lady called Sonya Fitzpatrick claiming to be able to communicate with animals telepathically. She demonstrated her abilities on the show, and I was hooked! The realization that animals can communicate telepathically hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I had come home. Sonya Fitzpatrick had reminded me of something I had always known deep down but had forgotten.

Rupert & Henry A

I immediately set about trying to find out more about this subject in order to help Benson with his problem, and in 2002 I found an animal communicator in the UK who helped me to understand his issues and start to help him heal. The same year I attended a four day animal communication course in the Isle of Man with Amelia Kinkade. To my amazement I found that I could also communicate with animals easily. From that time on, I constantly practiced my skills both with Benson and with my second puppy, another Shih Tzu called Rupert.

In order to develop further I was attuned to 1st Degree Reiki healing.

I met Sue at a Flower Essence course run by Lila Devi. Whilst on this course I promoted a number of workshops I was organizing for another American animal communicator, Carol Gurney. Sue came on several of these courses and our friendship and working relationship grew, resulting in the formation of our company Animal Matters in 2005.

Rupert & Henry

During the period 2002 - 2005 I was attuned to 2nd Degree Reiki and Reiki Mastership, and also attended Introductory and Advanced Crystal Healing courses.

Since being introduced to animal communication, all my dogs have used their abilities to develop me both personally and professionally. They have helped me to deepen my understanding of animals' spirituality and their purpose in coming into our lives. I will be eternally grateful to Benson for teaching me that we shouldn't always expect our animals to change for us. Sometimes we should change for them. He has been the wisest and most patient of teachers.

My story would not be complete without a tribute to Rupert and the work he did together with Henry, a Rottweiler puppy who we had the privilege of sharing our lives with for just over a year in 2005 - 06. From being loving and enthusiastic playmates, a switch seemed to flick last Christmas [2005], to the point where Rupert appeared to find Henry's presence intolerable. As we worked and communicated with them to try to resolve the situation, they took both Sue and I on a personal journey of such spiritual growth and depth that we now know beyond all doubt that animals are way, way above us in terms of spirituality, and in understanding of their life purpose with us.

In the end Henry let us know that his purpose with us was done and it was time for him to return to his breeder to continue his work. there. There have been so many lessons in this for us all, perhaps the main one being that the so-called "happy ending" is not always what is meant to be.

Thank you, Benson, Rupert and Henry, from the bottom of my heart.

Henry , Benson  & Rupert
Henry, Benson & Rupert
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