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Do you want a better relationship with your animal(s)?

Animal Matters can help you and your animal to develop a great partnershi

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Animal Matters can help you: -

  • Get to the root of difficult behaviours
  • Find out what the animal needs to help them change the behaviours.
  • Resolve an animal's fears or anxieties
  • Improve your relationships/bond with your animal
  • Identify whether your animal is in pain or has a physical illness
  • Deal with issues regarding passing over for your animal and you
  • Resolve post traumatic stress disorder for search and rescue animals
  • Track lost animals {Not currently available}
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Behavioural Problems
If your animal is displaying "behavioural problems" there may be a link to various physical or emotional issues. In our experience, we often find that animals act as a mirror to whatever is going on in your life, or respond to different aspects of your personality.

If it transpires that the problem is with you, rather than your animal, we can help you resolve your issues using one or more of our therapies. These can help you resolve long held fears, phobias or other blockages that have so far stopped you from achieving your full potential, or being the person that you really want to be.



Telepathic Animal Communication is a relationship between you, your animal and us.

Like all relationships, solving issues can take time, commitment and patience.

A quick fix is not always possible

If you want the best relationship possible with your animal, or you are struggling with a behavioural problem


Elaine & Sue

What is Telepathic Animal Communication?
Animal communication is simply the exchange of images, feelings and thoughts between animals and humans. You probably already recognise that your pet seems to know when you are upset. How is it that just when you think about taking your dog for a walk, he suddenly gets excited and starts bouncing around you?
Your pet can tune into you whenever they want to, and now we want to help you to tune into them.

Everyone is capable of communicating with animals in this way
How many times have you thought about someone that you haven't seen for ages, and then, you either bump into them in the street, or they ring you out of the blue!! Have you ever had an unsettling feeling about a family member, or a friend? Only to find that when you contact them, they've either been ill, or had something upsetting happen to them. Coincidental, no, telepathic, yes. That's what
telepathy is.

We realise that you may have difficulties communicating telepathically with your own animal[s] and our intention is to help you to communicate, by working with a simple process that will enable you to learn how to understand each other, creating a deeper bond and happier relationship.

The range of therapies available are: -

  • Telepathic Animal Communication
  • Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Emotrance
  • Tapas Acupressure Technique

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