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So, how does this work between animals and humans?
Thoughts are energy. That's how an animal can tell what we're thinking and feeling. Initially, it's easier for animals to be able to do this than humans, because, they fully live in the moment. When animals try to telepathically communicate with us, all they get is the "busy signal" as our minds are full of thoughts and worries.
For us to hear, feel and see what the animals want to tell us, we have to train our minds to quieten down.

Just you and the animal.
We know, we know, we can hear the cries of anguish already. It can be a daunting proposition to actually let go and empty your head.

It does take practice to sit still and try to block out all those thoughts running around in your head. But it can be done, and when you achieve it, you are one step closer to connecting to your animal.

Diane with Sue & Elaine & Metz

So what next?
Learning this technique takes time, practice, and patience. It's like learning a new language; you don't expect to be fully competent in a couple of weeks, do you? Once, you've learnt to sit still and just BE, then and only then, will you start to hear what your animal companions have to tell you, see the images they send you, and feel their feelings. It is well worth the effort.

Our lives have changed so much since we learnt to listen to the animals. They are the most incredible teachers, very humbling and extremely wise souls. We are eternally grateful to all the animals both past and present who have helped, and continue to help us in our work. We are really looking forward to meeting all the animals who are out there just waiting for their chance to teach us something new.

Animals, in our experience, have come to teach us far more than you could ever imagine. They are complete sentient beings just like us. Unlike us humans, animals have no egos. Therefore they don't hold grudges, they forgive us instantly, love us unconditionally, and have no hidden agendas. They're here to teach us to love ourselves the way they love us, to see the good in ourselves the way they do, and to stop judging ourselves and others. In addition to this every animal will have their own purpose for being with you, to help you learn one or more particular lessons.

An animal's purpose can be so strong it may be a great motivator behind apparent behavioural problems and relationship issues. Sometimes even to the point of sacrificing their own lives to get the message across to you. Many animals, particularly dogs and horses, are put to sleep for apparently aggressive behaviour, when in fact what they are showing is that there is something desperately wrong either for themselves or within the human family situation.

So, the next time you look at your cat lying in front of the fire, remember, they are not just a cat, they are your spiritual master, teacher, and your own personal life coach rolled into one, if you will allow them to be!!

Note: This also applies to all other animals, not just cats!


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Quantum Physics
For those of you that need a scientific explanation for all this stuff, here it is

The whole animal communication process is backed up by Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics is the physics of possibilities. The universe is made up entirely of energy with innumerable possibilities. Every living thing is made up of atoms and cells, each of which forms a part of the one whole consciousness that is the universe. Each atom may appear to be a particle i.e. solid, or a wave ie. flowing.


When we communicate with animals, we use the flowing or wave like energy to join our consciousness with theirs. Our consciousness influences other beings around us. We each have an energy field which sends out radio-type waves at our own individual frequency. When we match our own frequency to another living being's, we can pick up their thoughts, memories, visual images and feelings, and they can pick up ours.

The only limitations that we face are those we place upon ourselves by our own belief systems. We are capable of rising above this by changing our thought patterns.

This explanation is an extremely simplified and abridged version of the theory, but, for those of you brave enough to look further there are many books available on the subject. Just go to www.amazon.co.uk and type in quantum physics.

Elaine & Sue with friends A

Elaine, Sue, Ben, Mac, Lucy,
........Brodie & Tess

........A picture of harmony!


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