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Star AA

"Outstanding, I'm hooked!!! I came away with a feeling of peace and well-being. My dogs have always talked to me with their eyes, now they communicate to me in a way that I can fully understand."
Lorena Bedford (Flint)


"I was sceptical when I arrived, and I didn't expect to get anything. When I got accurate information from the animals I worked with, I was stunned!!! You could have knocked me down with a feather."
Val Stewart (Birkenhead)

Angela, Reggie & Crackerjack AA

"I really enjoyed the workshop. I came away much more confident in my abilities. I felt Sue and Elaine gave much more practice time than other courses that I've attended, and I love their relaxation techniques."
Angela Pitman, Dog Trainer (Chester)

Reggie & Crackerjack

Animal Communications

"I had struggled with my dog Ben's aggression with other dogs for a long while. I had asked for help from several different sources, with little effect. With Sue and Elaine's help, Ben has become trustworthy, and more confident around other dogs. Thank You."

Judy Robinson (Burnley)

Ben & Judy

Judy & Ben

Amber AA
"Through communicating with my cat Amber, Elaine discovered that he felt isolated and unhappy, due to his deafness and blindness. He was exhibiting this by urinating on our bed, as he spent much of his time in our bedroom. We found him a special safe place to be with us downstairs, and the behaviour stopped"!!
Judy Robinson (Burnley)






"My dog Star used to snap at me numerous times during the night. Elaine and Sue communicated with her to find the reason and now the behaviour has completely stopped. During the same communication Elaine and Sue scanned Star's body for any physical problems. They found that she had a painful left shoulder. I took her to the vet and he told me that Star's left shoulder was out - he put it back and now she's back to her old self, running around."
Lorena Bedford (Flint)

"Two dogs from the training club I run have benefited greatly from Elaine and Sue's communication. One dog in particular, who used to be very nervous, has improved dramatically."
Angela Pitman, Dog Trainer (Chester)

Crackerjack AA

"My terrier Crackerjack used to stop dead for apparently no reason while out on a lead walk with me. He also destroyed my partner's mobile phone, and then destroyed the replacement phone, which was completely out of character for him. He communicated to Sue that although he loved my partner very much, he felt upset because some of his role in looking after me had been taken over by my partner. Sue was able to negotiate with Crackerjack, and between them they agreed what his role with me would be in the future. Because he was able to explain his feelings and fears, both the behaviours stopped immediately."
Angela Pitman, Dog Trainer, (Chester)


Glen before
Glen pictured before

"My 3 year old Labrador Glen had always been a nervous, worried character. He would bark at strangers, was very distant in his manner, and found it hard to show affection, even to me.

A few months ago he began to lose weight very rapidly. He became extremely thin, and despite extensive investigations the vet could find no reason for this. Sue and Elaine communicated with Glen and released a spirit who had been attached to him since he was a puppy.

Glen after
Glen pictured after

That night he jumped onto the settee with me and kissed me on the nose, which he had never done before. Since that day he has become increasingly more relaxed and confident, to the point where people are saying "What have you done with Glen? He's so much better!" Even more importantly, he has put on weight to the point where he now looks like a "proper" Labrador again.

I cannot thank Sue and Elaine enough - they have given me my dog back, and have also made me realize how important it is to "look outside the box" when helping our animals."
Val Stewart, (Birkenhead)

"I bought my first puppy in January. I had been thinking about it for a long time and was really keen to have one but was concerned how my 2 cats Jack and Fussy would take to a dog having never lived with one and it just having been the 3 of us, give or take the odd boyfriend in the past!
Tot AA

Tot, the Border Collie pup arrived in January and Jack who wasn't keen but who was curious, after about 3 weeks ventured into the room he was in, sniffed him, hissed at him, smacked him about a bit and then decided all was well and he was happy with the new addition!

Fussy however, who is Fussy by name and by nature completely freaked out and refused for 6 weeks to come out of the bedroom, where she literally shut down and wouldn't even interact with me. .


I knew the pup had really upset her and wasn't sure how to handle it. I had attended an AC workshop myself in the past and whilst normally I was happy to talk to my feline friends myself, I knew this was too complex and too emotional for me to do myself, so I called Elaine and Sue
Whilst I was making the appointment on the phone, Fussy came out of the bedroom and got on my lap for the first time in weeks, she purred and was almost her usual self... I knew then she would have quite a bit to say on the subject!

On the morning of the call, we all waited. Jack sat in the window of the front room, Fussy on the chair next to me and Tot by the baby gate - everyone was waiting, even though the doors and windows were open and all the animals were free to go wherever. Sue and Elaine came on the phone and asked which animal wanted to speak first.


Fussy got up off the chair, onto the floor, put her tail up and at that moment, they both said Fussy's 1st! They hadnt seen her body language - only I had. Fuss talked for about 20 minutes, she let rip at me, very dramatically, as only a long haired female cat can and she made it quite clear that the dog was ruining her life!He was not welcome and she felt I was ignoring her and didnt love her the same any more - plus she was cross that she had told me this several times and I had ignored her! I was really emotional about this and Elaine and Sue were perfect about explaining to Fussy that this was not the case and that I still loved her just as much but I had room in my heart for Tot as well.

Jack AA

They asked her how I could make it better for her, whilst still keeping the dog and she said she wanted to have some special 'me' time for her alone. She also said she would let me know when this was to happen. Her whole body language changed as she was talking. She became more loving and purred more. She swished her tail in a jubilant manner and looked so much happier just for being able to say her piece

Jack then spoke for about 5 minutes to say all was well, he liked the puppy and didnt know what the problem was!


Tot gushed for 5 minutes about how amazing life was and what great walks he had.... So Fussy had finally told me how she was feeling and straight after the session, we worked better together. She makes a little miaow noise when she needs some 'me' time, or she swished her tail and looks at me with those 'love me' eyes and I give her a special loving and a brush. She will now go in the same room as the dog and although she spits and snarls at him if he gets too close to her, she never hides herself away now and she has once or twice got close enough to sniff his nose (he doesnt move an inch when she comes by!!)

Thanks so much to Elaine and Sue for their love and work"
Michelle Clarke, Freckleton, Preston


I had always imagined myself with at least two dogs. I started off with Harvey, a gorgeous black Labrador. From day one there was a special bond between Harvey and myself - in true Labrador style, he was and is keen to do anything to please me and always shows a lot of affection.

When Harvey was about eighteen months old, I decided it was time to think about adding to our family. With this in mind I contacted the breeder who had let me have Harvey and was put on the waiting list for one of her next litter.


I had a fixed idea of what I wanted - a chocolate Labrador dog, so when the breeder rang me with news of her new litter, I was delighted to hear there were two chocolate puppies. The problem was that there was one bitch and one dog, and the dog had already been spoken for. I had to make the decision of whether I should have the bitch or wait for future litters that may contain chocolate dogs.

The decision wasn't that difficult, I decided the chocolate bitch was the one for me. So, at seven weeks old, Amber returned home with me to meet her Uncle Harvey for the first time.

Like Harvey, Amber is also a gorgeous dog, she has bright sparkling eyes and a cheeky look on her face a lot of the time. I spent a lot of time with Amber settling her into her new home and taking her to socialisation and training classes, but there seemed to be something missing. I didn't feel that we connected very well, and she didn't seem to put her trust in me, no matter what I did. I just put it down to Amber having a very different personality from Harvey, but she seemed very distant to me a lot of the time. Then, when she was about eighteen months old, Amber seemed to get spooked very easily and was suddenly terrified of various everyday noises that hadn't bothered her before. She was fully housetrained but suddenly started messing in the kitchen at night. I could see she was distressed but couldn't do anything to reassure or comfort her.

Elaine arranged to have a chat with Amber and myself. We did this over the telephone on two occasions. I had several questions to ask Amber through Elaine and Elaine gave me Amber's responses. At first Amber was saying she felt I was sometimes distant with her (when I had felt it was the other way round). During our talk, Amber was in the same room as me, sometimes walking around and sometimes sitting or lying down. As we talked it came out that Amber felt I had never really wanted her as she knew I wanted a dog, not a bitch and she felt she couldn't get close to me because of the bond I had with Harvey. She didn't think I would have enough love to share between them both. I was able to tell Amber that although I had initially wanted a dog, I chose to have her. If I hadn't wanted her, I could have waited for another litter. I also explained how I loved Amber just as much as Harvey and that if she wanted to sit next to me or have my full attention at any time she could without feeling she was stepping on Harvey's toes.

I told Amber that I was there for her and if anything frightened her she must come to me as I would always protect her. As our conversation went on Amber jumped onto the seat next to me, curled up and let out the biggest sigh I have ever heard - she was totally relaxed and the weight was lifted from her mind.

Following our conversations, Amber and I have grown closer and closer. It took time and each day we progressed a little further. Wherever I go around the house, my little Princess is never far away. Amber doesn't leave any mess in the kitchen at night - she now gives me a clear signal such as barking until I wake up or even jumping on the bed and pawing me to let me know if she needs to go out. If anything worries or upsets her Amber runs to me immediately and knows she is safe by my side. Amber is also happy knowing that there is enough love to go around.

Since working on our problems with the help of Elaine the real Amber has emerged and she is a delightful, fun, cheeky, mischievous, much more confident, gorgeous girl.
Ruth Watt,Radcliffe,Manchester


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