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.Workshop Title
.. Introduction To Animal Communicationn
Saturday 6th September 2014
Walshford, N. Yorkshire
.. Introduction To Animal Communication
Sunday 5th October 2014
Rossendale, Lancashire
.. Introduction To Animal Communication
Saturday 15th November 2014
Walshford, N. Yorkshire

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Dee Dee

Animal Communication One Day Introductory Course
Through a series of basic exercises we will show you how to develop your natural telepathic abilities in order to facilitate 2-way communication with animals.

You will learn to see, hear and feel what the animals have to tell you. We will also explain the scientific theory behind this amazing ability that we all possess!!!!

Whether you are owned by an animal or work with them professionally, this course is for you.

Price - £75.00

Elaine & Sue with Dee Dee

When you attend this workshop you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] A copy of energy/relaxation exercises
[ 2 ] A Certificate of Attendance
[ 3 ] Full Email Support for 6 months

Animal Communication Two Day Advanced Course
This workshop is aimed at:-

  • People who work professionally with animals and who would benefit from the extra knowledge.
  • People who have attended at least one introductory workshop (run by us or another animal communicator), who are really keen to progress, and who have practised regularly.

    You will learn: -

    * Greater understanding of the depth of animals' spirituality and their role as our teachers and healers.
    * Quantum Physics in more depth
    Techniques to clear your own blocks to communication and improve accuracy
    Extending your skills with animals' physical health issues (using Gestalt)
    Techniques for solving behaviour problems
    How to identify and release energy blockages which cause negative emotions
    Awareness of spirit attachments, and their effects on the animal's behaviour and health
    Tracking lost animals - Techniques and Ethics

When you attend this course you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] Course Notes
[ 2 ] A FREE Book on relevant subject
[ 3 ] A Certificate of Attendance
[ 4 ] Full Email Support for 6 months

Price - £150.00

Elaine with Tyson

Reiki Attunements
We offer weekend courses to attune students to the healing energies of Reiki I and Reiki II.

Reiki I enables you to use your new found healing energies on yourself, your family, your friends, and your pets.

Reiki II enables you to send distant healing, and is the first of the three Practitioner levels of Reiki. We also offer Reiki II courses for those already attuned to Reiki I, who wish to use their healing gifts for animals only.

Elaine with Tyson

These courses are arranged for small groups of 2 - 4 people to ensure that your Reiki training is a very personal and special experience.
Please contact us directly and we will arrange course dates specifically to suit you.

When you attend a Reiki workshop/course you will also receive:-

Reiki for People
[ 1 ] Manual
[ 2 ] Book on Reiki
[ 3 ]
Reiki for Animals - Two day
[ 1 ] Manual
[ 2 ] Book on Reiki for animals
[ 3 ]
Reiki II
[ 1 ] Manual
[ 2 ] Certificate
[ 3 ]
FREE gift
Price - £80.00 Price - £150.00 Price - £140.00

** NEW ** Introduction to Flower Essences for Animals
Learn how flower essences can safely and gently help animals let go of fears, traumas, anxiety, grief, lack of focus and much more. This one day workshop covers the history and development of flower essences, how they work, and how to select and administer the right essences for your animal or yourself. You will also be able to make up a 30ml bottle of flower essences for your own animal or yourself (included in the price). This course explores mainly the Bach Flower Remedies but also includes other well-researched ranges from America and Australia.

This is a stand-alone workshop for those new to the magic of flower essences. It will also be the first module in the Animal Flower Essence Consultant Training course (AFECT), aimed at those who work professionally with animals and who want to use flower essences as part of their practice (new course for 2009 - more details available shortly).

[ 1 ] Attendance Certificate
[ 2 ] Course Notes
[ 3 ] Bottle of Flower Essences that you have made yourself during the course

PRICE: 60.00

** NEW ** Crystal Healing for Animals
This one day introductory workshop covers the basics of using crystals safely and effectively with your own animals to help them with emotional and/or **physical issues. Topics covered include: What crystals are, what they can do, choosing the right crystals, cleansing, charging and caring for your crystals, chakra balancing using a dowsing pendulum, and methods of using crystals with animals. There will also be an opportunity to use your new found skills, by practicing, a crystal layout or crystal massage on one of our animals.


[ 1 ] Certificate of Attendance
[ 2 ] Course Manual
[ 3 ] Crystal Chakra Set or Dowsing Pendulum

PRICE: 60.00

Emotional Freedom Technique - Level I
This is a one day introductory workshop which will teach you the basics of this amazing therapy, so that you can apply it in your own life or with the animals you live with. This course is certificated by the Association of Meridian Therapists and will count towards a Practitioner qualification should you choose to do so.

When you attend an EFT level I workshop/course you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] Manual
[ 2 ] Cert of Attendance

Price - £85.00

Emotional Freedom Technique - Level II
EFT Level I
This is a two day Practitioner course, which teaches new techniques to greatly enhance and develop the skills learned in level 1. It is run according to the schedule laid down by the Association of Meridian Therapists, and includes working with:- physical issues, weight loss, addictions, phobias, personal & spiritual development and much more.

When you attend an EFT level II workshop/course you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] Manual
[ 2 ] Cert of Qualification/Attendance
[ 3 ] Ongoing email/telephone support with case studies for 6 months from date of course.

Price - £195.00

** NEW ** Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the fastest-growing methods available for healing and personal growth. In our fast-track society with its off-the scale levels of stress and burnout, we need a reliable means of restoring our emotional balance that's as instant as possible and there on tap immediately it's needed. EFT combines the ancient knowledge of acupuncture points and the well -proven "talking techniques" to bring an incredibly deep way of working that is also an easy, safe and practical self-help tool.

EFT works for our animals too. Many of our animals' so-called behaviour problems come from stress. This may be due to their own issues - lack of understanding of their needs on our part, past traumas, fears, jealousy and so on. Increasingly it is becoming accepted that our animals may also take on board our own stress levels which may affect their health and wellbeing. Often they do this as part of their job with us, to reflect back to us what we need to change or work on in our lives. But they need and deserve help with this. EFT, done with a photograph or surrogate, (not by direct tapping on the animal!) can allow them to release any negative feelings they need to, whilst helping us to strengthen our communication and bond with them.

EFT for Animals is a two day course combining the power of EFT with the practical and spiritual understanding of Telepathic Animal Communication. Learn to find out what's troubling your animal - is it their own problem? - is it yours? - and then work together to release whatever needs to go in order to take you both forward with happiness, confidence and a new understanding.

[ 1 ] Attendance Certificate
[ 2 ] Course Manual
[ 3 ] FREE gift

PRICE: 125.00

Moving On - Living with Losing the Animal You Love
This course offers a unique opportunity to look at all the issues surrounding the loss of an animal friend, whether by death, re-homing, theft or straying. It offers ways of coping with overwhelming emotions and helps to make sense of what may appear senseless. Some of the course content is spiritual but not religious.

When you attend this workshop you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] Written Notes on Self Help Techniques
[ 2 ] Email Support Group

Price - £60.00

Experiencing Energy
This one-day course covers the various ways to recognise energy and work with it. You will learn about your own and your animals' energy systems which are made up of your Aura, Chakras, and Meridians, you will experiment with the use of dowsing rods and pendulums, kinesiology, and crystals to enhance the aura. A fun and practical day for the convinced and the sceptical alike!

When you attend an 'Experiencing Energy workshop you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] Course Notes
[ 2 ] Crystal Pendant/Dowsing Pendulum
[ 3 ] Certificate of Attendance

Price - £60.00

The Energy Toolbox
Introduction To Energy Therapies For Animals And Their People

This two day course is a taster weekend covering Telepathic Animal Communication, Reiki & Crystal Healing, Meridian Energy Therapies and Flower Essence Therapy. Come along and learn how all these therapies can help you and your animals.


When you attend an Energy Toolbox workshop you will also receive:-

[ 1 ] Very Comprehensive Manual
[ 2 ] FREE Crystal Pendant/Dowsing Pendulum
[ 3 ] Crystal Chakra Set
[ 4 ]
A Certificate of Attendance

Price - £125.00


"Deepen Your Relationship With Your Dog - The Bigger Picture"
Although this talk is aimed primarily at dog clubs, if you have an interest in or a love of dogs this is also for you. The topics covered include telepathic communication between dogs and people, what our dogs can teach us and their purpose in our lives.

This talk can be adapted to cover other domestic animals.

"Reiki For Animals and People"
Find out about the gentle but powerful Reiki energy, what it is and how it can transform life for both you and your animal(s).

"The Magic of Flower Essences"

Find out what flower essences are and how they can gently and safely resolve emotional issues for you and your animal(s).

"Emotional Health On Tap - Meridian Energy Therapies"
This talk covers Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Emotrance and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). Find out how fears, phobias and traumas can be resolved for you and your animal, and discover how to remove your own personal blocks and limitations quickly and easily.

If you would like to organise a talk or workshop on any of the above subjects in your area, feel free to contact us for an informal chat.
If you organise a workshop in your area, as a thank you we will give you a free place on the workshop.
You will also receive 10% of the ticket price for the people you personally subscribe to the workshop.

The workshops run between 10.00am and 5.30pm. Refreshments are provided, but for one day courses please bring your own lunch.

Please also bring a pen and writing pad and, for the Animal Communication workshops, good clear photographs of animals that you know well, preferably showing the animals' eyes clearly without flash reflection, or red eye.


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